Tim Potter "Aka" Norseman-USCM-retired scamTim Potter "aka" Norseman "aka" USMC retired.

Trolling First sergeant Mike Farrell 

is about an old resident on the wall of shame, who is addicted to Evan Iliadis blogs and can’t live without. Ever since he got this promotion Mike Farrell, also known as First Sergeant when he was in the Military  on a 9 to 5 job keeps complaining that Evan has neglected his patients in Cagayan De Oro  favoring those living in Cebu and Manila.

Living in the Philippines blog-Life in the forums and discussion boards

Living in the Philippines blog-Life in the forums and discussion boards

Psychiatrists' diagnosis is clear: Extensive and abusive use of the internet is a grave addiction that can destroy your life together with that of your loved ones, family and friends, coworkers and other life partners in your entourage. Read more


Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women - Live In The Philippines Blog

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women. Christopher aka Chris Bennetts, to his own admission is the owner of the most perverted sites on the net. No, is not about sexually explicit sites, is about a psychopath that hates women and sex he shows it in big way.



If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to fuck a lot and it is easy to find them for little money. Read More

Evan Iliadis Sexpats Wall of shame Guenther vomberg

Guenther Vomberg works for the Philippines Government? A joke folks! A big one! A lie that not many has the audacity to claim publicly!but Guenther did, because he needs to look important so he can easily scam newbie and naive in the forum where is considered one of the most important s members, the top poster of the year! Read More

Christopher Bennetts is accused of running 85 pornographic sites
that besides nudity he's promoting violence, sadistic and humiliating scenes and comments.
Red More

Drew Shobbrook

Drew Shobbrook

The Philippines wall of shame received a request from a reader to post the whereabouts of Drew Frederick Shobbrook known in the forums and boards as "Bender01" Frenzy3 "Dean Hoban" and other pseudonyms.


Readers, welcome to a second promotional article of ze book I promised you last week. The text you see behind the picture above is taken from the book Guenther is partner and translator of the German version. Bad news readers..
Read More

Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook

Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook .
Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook. It's over folks! Another one of the coalition went silent, in narcosis due to taking of heavy psychotic medications to calm his flare-ups. It was time, but he managed first to embezzle some money from his BPO partners customers and employees.
Click here for more

Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agentsAfter the tremendous success to his world's first idea of raising smart pigs those pigs that many organizations and industries like the Philippines Police Department and the call centers to name a few,. Read More...

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie PhilippinesEvan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services
Matt Wilkie said: "OK I wanted to share my experience with BPO 24 hour services. We simply dropped out off the planet since about February and not in a negative way." Read More

BPO 24 Hour ServicesBPO 24 HOUR SERVICESReasons for avoiding doing business with Matt Wilkie BPO 24 hour services.

Reason 1.- Folks, this guy has nothing to do with this profession, he's a computer geek writing blogs on the internet hoping some day will receive in the mail a big Google check so he can replace his motorcycle with a car he hadn't own one in ages. Read more

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie Philippines

This is not a surprise of course because the project never existed in the first place anyway. It was just Matt Wilkie's therapy to his Narcissistic personality disorder . Here is a short excerpt from Wikipedia about the behavior. Read More

BPO 24 hour lie getting worst. - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie PhilippinesI hope you reader are not stupid to believe what you see. Matt Wilkie has added this picture to his BPO sites to make it look like a call centre. These are girls living in his neighborhood. He brought them to his house for the picture. Supposedly are trained to become "Telemarketing agents". Read More...

Evan iliadis: Evan Iliadis. Stop Internet predatorsAs our daily live have merged
in the computer technology where we are connected through Iphone, Ipads, laptop, computers, webpages, emails and Text messaging in about every aspect of our lives, there has emerged a group of criminals, con artist, predators and scammers bent on using this technology for the soul reason to steal our hard earned money and assets from us. 

Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3
One down a few more to go. The arrest of this pedophile, whatever his real name is, has brought  hope within the enforcement administration in Cebu that someone, somewhere cares for the destitute by refuging the bribe.
Certainly not thanks to “commander” Guenther Vomberg  too busy associating with criminals and pedophiles, but to those of us who contributed to his arrest, as you’ll see some evidence of our action to be published shortly.

Guenther Vomberg Human trafficking association - Guenther VombergWarning! Warning! Warning! You will be scammed for good! This time 5 of them united to screw you 110 US$ to begin with, then they will bill your credit card again and again!


BPO 24 Hour Services | Business Process Outsourcing based in the PhilippinesBPO 24 HOUR SERVICES MATT WILKIE PHILIPPINES THE LIAR WITHIN
Another one from the megalomaniac- mythomaniac Matt Wilkie.
The voices in the night (and day as well)- told him that he should fully develop his world class business skills in the digital cyber, virtual, high-tech cyberstalking, cyber porn world, (I'm sure I forgot many).

Matt woke up in the middle of the night and start executing voices' orders. He started building a site with flash whistles and bells phrases and words like:

Sexpats Cyber Stars.My name is Elizabeth Clarke and I have been the victim of a Cyberstalker. I have created this site to help people that become the victim of a cyber stalker or online predator. As a women I understand it from a female perspective especially when there is an aspect of sexual harassment as was the case with my stalker. I am a Professional Trainer based in San Jose, California.



Once a Sexpat has fully ingratiated him self within the Sexpat community, there is absolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world. Read More

Tim-Potter-from-Sugarland-TexasTim-Potter-from-Sugarland-Texas also known as Norseman or USMC retired. No one knows who the guy really is. For sure a sexpat that flock together with his pairs in Cebu Philippines.

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesFugitivePaul Petrea

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesGuenther vomberg "aka" stranded shipscookGuenther Vomberg "aka" Commander Vomberg "aka" Stranded Shipscook.
Remember the old blog where together with Guenther Vomberg Matt Wilkie, and Paul Petrea of course were sharing the glory? It will soon be revived for the future generations planing to migrate in Cebu to know where they put their feet. CLICK on any of the images to see a portion of the old site; we are working on the other pages.


similar stories
Perry Gamsby

Paul Petreaaul Petrea speaking on Cambodia said:
I also like the fact that it is MUCH cheaper to live here, than in Thailand. Additionally, it is a bit cheaper than the Philippines, especially regarding food, and alcohol, if you partake. For those of you who like a little herb to smoke once in a while, that is okay too, apparently. (It is illegal to smoke here, but blind eyes are always turned.). In the Philippines, one should never, EVER consider smoking pot, and certainly do not get caught with ANY amount of marijuana on their person. They will live to regret it.

Matt Wilkie-tropicalpenpals-blog.com-Being-Cyber-Stalked





Evan Iliadis







Evan Iliadis - sexpats wall of shame in the Philippines

Christopher Bennetts has now changed the name of his sites and transferred to different, anonymous servers, changed the name of the ownership, others deleted all together.

Our revelations have caused big damages to his porn business, he now tries to built a new image on the net by publishing videos on how great he is, building web sites and other IT related subjects all part of damage control strategy. No one buys it. Once a peddler, always a peddler.
For Chris to come up clean, he will have first to apologize to our women for the humiliating sites he erected discriminating them over the years around the world. Then, he will produce rock solid proof that he abandoned the porn business. We haven't see it so far. What we have seen is more crooked business and associations with schizophrenics and con artists for the purpose of misleading the public with bogus stories and books. We have also learned that after his failure as a member and short time president of the Rotary International that all he contributed was the closure of the club and his ouster of the organization he now flock in the Free Masonry in Baguio Philippines. Here he is:

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines

Evan Iliadis knows very well both organizations Bennetts was/is a member. Evan will make sure he's out of the Lodge as he did before with the Rotary International and kicked him out for good.

Even though some of the links below have been removed the decision is made to leave the content as is, for all to remember that a psychopath is living in the Philippines unpunished for his crimes against the Filipinos' reputation that he has helped to be tarnished around the world.





































Evan Iliadis persist and sign the following:
Evan Iliadis - sexpats wall of shame in the Philippines

Evan Iliadis Evan Iliadis said: Christopher Andrew A.K.A
Chris Bennetts living on unnamed places in
the S/E Asia moving between the Philippines
and Thailand to avoid prosecution, is wanted
for past crimes and to be served with court
papers for new ones.
Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines

Christopher Bennetts is accused of running
85 pornographic sites, that besides nudity
he's promoting violence, sadistic,humiliating
scenes and comments.

Back in August of 2012 Evan and some of his friends
discovered that Christopher Bennetts left in public view the
ownership of one of his porn sites. The whois website registers every single site
on earth, either with owners real name, or on "private registration" meaning without revealing the
owner's nameof the site.Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines

Christopher Bennetts chose to leave exposed to the public showing his name
one of the most perverted ever seen on the net, something not fitting the category of a porn
site but this of a "journey inside a psychopath's world" The site in question is honeybabes.net.

When we published the information, knowing what Christopher will do, change the ownership
information that is, we downloaded and notarized the content with a lawyer in the Philippines.

Indeed, didn't take him more than 2 days to react, he changed the owner's name, but no
value for court purpose. He wont convinced any one he's not still owns the site.

Below, is the original site as saved and notarized as genuine


And here is the changed version as it looks today


But on the changed version you can see the date of the last changes on the domain

Evan Iliadis

But me Evan Iliadis did not stop here. A reverced search on site IP revealed many
other sites belonging to Chris Bennetts, Perry Gamsby had also hosted his fraudulent
site Fastfilipinodivorce.com that he shot it down after I revealed the existence.
Take a look below:


Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines


























This is only a partial list of Christopher Bennetts and one of his partners Perry Gamsby.
Christopher Bennetts owns about 80 more and Perry Gamsby about 20.One of those site
is of particular interest to me. The bukkake faces.com. I will bring you there through
the http://honeybabes.net/.
Once there, scroll the window then you click on the "Japanese Bukkake" link you
see in the picture below:

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines


This will bring you to http://bukkake-faces.com/ Exactly the one you see as #3 on the
list above.

Voila! the psychopath and his barbaric world is there! He has free
samples for you! You want to click on?
Make sure you have not a fragile stomach!.. vomitting! Not sexual explicit stuff.
Just vomiting or for psychopaths to enjoy other's
pain. For once Christopher
Bennetts doesn't lie when he said "forced Bukkake. It is !

when porn sites aren't funey or educational
but perversion cruelty written by psychopaths
for their pairs.

Christopher Bennetts seems to have company on his psycho selling business. Lately got a few
good friends to promote "the products"but first they should restore his image of the daily
damaging attacks from Evan Iliadis. Here is what Guenther Vomberg said in his blog:
"At leaChristopher Bennetts porn moviesst the three I know and have met Chris Bennetts,
Timothy Potter, Matt Wilkie.

Although I have not met Matt yet...
Also the other people seem absolutely
innocent people".

So Guenther? The information about Chris
you just read, the links and all the
documents attached are fake too? So if he's
innocent why you don't come with a formal
statement together with Chris Bennetts and
say it loud!

Chris Bennetts is an innocent Man! with
a "family" picture! Are you bringing Chris
to the Knights of Rizal also? And the coast guard too! How about back to the Rotary..

You know what Guenther? I read all your crape about the Knights of Rizal and this and that.
Go sell that to indigenous in the forest.. What have you done? It's all for the picture!
Hans schoof
and all those names you
are giving us don't impress one who has served prestigious ancient fraternities but never talk

I don't need to be recoChristopher Bennetts porn moviesgnized using thers' people glory. I'd rather build mine. As for Hans Schoof,
I'll tell people more on this other blog where
people come to see you.. But your comment as
being "schoof best friend" reminds this Filipino
saying that goes by "the richest you are the more
relatives and friends you have"

For the time been go ahead and enjoy your
psychopath friend Christopher Bennetts.
No one gives a shit for you!
But please, stop using other peoples' name to
look famous lol!

No one of this people cares about you!
In fact, they will all be happy to get rid of you
and see limiting your activities on what you
know best: Being the nasty puppy on the living in Cebu forums where
in fact , there too, not many want you!


Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines said: Self proclaimed Commander Guenther Vomberg "aka" Starnded shipscook. No, is not a Philippines Army Commander, nor a US Marine, not even a drafted 2d class soldier from an unknown country.

This is Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines, a German national selling Pizza and hamburger in a remote town in the middle of nowhere inside the Cebu island in the Philippines. Like many expats who failed in Germany and elsewhere in the first world he thought he will make fortune in the Philippines.

He joined some social clubs and organizations,including the coastal guard of the
Philippines hoping to mislead you that he's a big shot in the country. Don't be fooled folks. This uniform does not belong to any of the Philippines armed forces. It's a joke! he's using it for fraud!

To attract investors to bail him out of his misery.The Philippines coast guard AUXILIARY is another Rotary club, or Kiwanis club, or a Lions Club and
nothing more! The wear of this uniform is symbolic, to distinguish it from the other clubs as doing work
mostly on the coasts where Guenther spending most of his volunteer work (if any) cleaning the beaches once every two years.

Stay away! Click and Read more on this blog here and keep your wallet tight close with double zipper!


The residents on this wall of shame are far from being decent and respectful expats,The few names you are about to read is not a limited list but a pattern of what the average sex pat-scammer-abuser-pimp-human trafficking businessmen- look like.

An opening statement:
The writers of this blog are not involved in any online business for profit nor selling anything to anyone, they are not petitioning or engaging in any fund raising for the purpose of financing their crusade as described, they are paying everything out of pocket.

Most of the Contributors are living in Europe and the US, some in Australia and many in the Philippines.

If living in the Philippines or planning in moving there, you owe it to yourself to know this story is about your protection from schemers and thieves will set you up on a forum to lure you in those "get rich overnight" investment scams. The forum belongs to a certain Paul Petrea, that he has now fled to Cambodia and if is not a danger for you, the successors he trained and run his forum are experts in subtle - feathered and almost not "see incoming" scams.

Take a look below what one of their members wrote recently:

"I lived here 2-1/2 years with out a care or fear of my neighbors. I needed little to feel secure and had a happy life. But I had very few expat
friends Then the last 1-1/2 years I started befriending expats. More fucking trouble than they are worth. I am
presently under house protection, a prime witness in a murder case, and have killers trying to stalk me.

I have to have to have a 4 man armed police escort just to go into town, and have to have a firearm beside me probably for the next few years,  
and my family has to live with the stress. Almost all these manly men best buds suddenly developed pussies and disappeared. I love fair-weather
friends. I have found most expats I have met here to be fuckedup self-serving overly-dependent excessively-needy individuals, unworthy of being
called a friend. I love the locals but care very little for all but a few expats that I have met here.

My wife who lived with me for 22 years in Texas, is a naturalized American citizen, only 5-1/2 years younger than me, and who I have been married for over 27 years has asked me to please do not make anymore expat friends. We are happy with the locals, and wish we had the life we had before expats. You dick-heads are far more trouble than you are worth.

Those that are unhappy with my statements can "bit me", but it is advisable you keep an arms length of me, and keep you worthless shit talk to yourselves. I just don't care... My family is better without most of you, and we are happier without most of you.

I have better things to do with my time then be victimized by users, losers, abusers, pretenders, non-achievers, fuckups, and social parasites.
You just have to go through too many just to try to find a true friend. Too damn many, most are just more problems than you asses are actually worth".

Just the tip of the iceberg what you just read. Below are pictures of some of these expats operating out of the living in Cebu forums and associate porn sites blogs and forums.

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesPaul Petrea.
A psychopath that managed to escape punishment in the USA where is originated (Georgia)
lived in the
Philippines since year 1998. He was deported in 2005 and banned for life to re-enter the Philippines but some how he made it back a few months later on a fake passport and with the help of some "connected"

in Cebu he has been able to live there like nothing happened. Until activist Evan Iliadis show some interest on this criminal, went back to the year 1992 when he almost killed his Filipina wife , fled the USA, established himself in Cebu living by providing the bars with underaged girls, scams and prostitution partnership with known pimps in the Philippines.

We'll take care that Paul Petrea will figure in the annals of the sexpat community in Cebu for many years to come for the new expats to know, for the older to remember. We'll make sure, that Paul Petrea stays where he is, that is in Cambodia and will never harm another woman in the Philippines.

We are very sorry for the people of Cambodia and the expat community living there for the sinister acquisition of this guy. We are making everything to inform both, the Cambodian authorities and the expat community trough their forums.

We also making sure that most of his supporters that keep his evil forum alive are gone, stop making new comers, mostly naive retirees, victims in scams as you are about to read.

We will now publish a section of a blog we had erected in honor of Paul and some of his buddies for you to better understand the behavior of those sexpats.

No other definition fits better to losers that brought their misfortunes to the Philippines polluting their culture and way of life.
By clicking below on the picture will bring you to a page that you will recognize the stories and characters.
Deja vue? Not yet! only 24000 readers. Not enough!

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines


Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines


Evan Iliadis Matt Wilkie PNP detective. Watching movies for free? Folks it's a rip-off ! Stay away! A plot setup
by twosexpats losers!

Matt Willkie and Tim Potter that was hoping to capitalize from Tim Potter selling counterfeited software stolen by developers that are looking for him in the USA.

Matt Wilkie had to
leave the Philippines as OFW working now as a security guard in the Middle East.
Besides, if you have ever befriended Matt Wilkie while he was in Cebu you need to check with your PNP police station if he didn't report crape on you for something you have never did.

Matt Wilkie was a snitch trying to please the authorities in exchange-at least was hoping-for tolerance on his crooked business.
You will son read an extensive read on Matt's activities,thanks god he's ousted. This is only a preview of what coming up on Matt. Read more

Me-Evan Iliadis persist and sign the following:Update August 20th 2013

In an effort to confuse the readers as to whether or not he owns the site, Christopher - Chris Bennetts the perverted has now dissociate the bukkake -facial.com site from the honneybabes.net site. A tree can't hide the forest.

This criminal will stay the same, he need the money, he doesn't know anything else in life on how to survive, his only way is Human trafficking, pedophilia site, humiliating scenes for attracting perverted psychopaths to put their credit card to watch his horrors.

The bukkake scenes are still there, got even worst on the new location. More on that on the next entry.

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vap-ripoff Village aide program

There is also a saved version of the liveinthephilippines forum regarding Paul Petrea Entries. here is the link of the first page.

that will bring you to a 45 pages of posts seaved. readd all about Paul Petrea and many others

Matt Wilkie &partners
Matt Wilkie the snitch
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Guenther vomberg the sexpat
Evan Iliadis
Evan Iliadis blog
Tim Potter AKA USMC retired
Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines
Perry Gamsby
Matt Wilkie from Cebu

 Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippines
















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Chris Bennetts said: If you are like me and love the Philippines make sure you are going to Mactan Island in Cebu Philippines. The girls there are likeing to fuck a lot and it is easy to find them for little money. Red More...


Matt Wilkie like others miserable sexpats is trapped in the Philippines at his 40s with wife and children, with no income coming from abroad, can't bring his family to the UK where he's originated not able to provide the
Read more..

About Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie Philippines

About-Matt-Wilkie-Philippines. You are now familiar with the sexpats wall of shame, the original, as written by Evan Iliadis and copied by others – including Matt Wilkie- a known copy cat that has no ideas, other than the ones he's stealing from others. to tell you just crap.
Read more

Live in the Philippines forum looking for Paul Petrea topic page1

Live in the Philippines forum

Tim Potter Philippines expat - Tim Potter from Sugarland Texas Sexpat in Cebu Philippines

Fake It Till You Make It. Tim Potter Philippines Sugarland Texas The world of Fakes and Knock Offs is alive and well in the Philippines. Tim Potter from Sugarland TX said: “Counterfeit Rolex watches were displayed at the dedication …
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title>Tim Potter Philippines

Tim Potter lies: Lie #1.
His wife's name is not Empleo. Her name is Zol Anonas, she doesn't care his name, she's so ashamed and she shows it.
Here is her FB public picture. She's born in 1991- today year 2015 she is 24. Tim Potter met the girl in 2008, she was barely 17, he was 50. Here is Zol. Read More