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Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

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Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women – Live In The Philippines Blog

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women. I have downloaded the clips you see above on another blog. Warning! isnotaboutsex butabouttorture! If you don’t mind vomiting go to this blog  http://www.evaniliadis-sexpatswallofshame.com/

Christopher Bennetts violence on women

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women. Christopher aka Chris Bennetts, to his own admission is the owner of the most perverted sites on the net. No, is not about sexually explicit sites, is about a psychopath that hates women and sex he shows it in big way. I Evan Iliadis wants the world to know that Christopher Bennetts own this picture and videos, his accusation is based on the following:

1- In August of 2012 I, Evan Iliadis, posted in my blog that Christopher Bennetts is the owner since year 2003 of one the most cruel web sites that is honeybabes.net. I got the information of the most official source one can find, solid rock proof, as the Whois domain names data base.  

The link bring you to a downloaded page in the first days of August 2012. Christopher Bennetts has changed the owners name since. But the record still appears on his name on many other specialized sites like this one.Digging further, I discovered that the worst had yet to come, Chris Bennetts had on the list of his sites one (but not the only) that the pictures and videos above were taken. Doing a reverse search of the IP honeybabes revealed this:


Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women – Live In The Philippines Blog

You get the picture! On his server Christopher Bennetts has several of his sites known to me. One of these is Bukkake faces.com. Let’s stop for a minute to this site. Clicking on the http://www.honeybabes.net/ on the home page you’ll notice among many others, these links.

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

Click on the “Japanese Bukkake” link and voila! you are now on the site  http://bukkake-faces.com/ that looks like this:


Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women – Live In The Philippines Blog

If youre planning to proceed with the viewing of some of the free 20 seconds clips he offers, read not his warning but mine: There is nothing there related to sex. Simply, entertainment for psychopaths   and all kind of mentally disturbed. In this videos, Chris Bennetts is forcing often under age girls attached with cord to drink the masturbation sperm of 80 men! on another one, the girl will drink the sperm from inside a big size coupe, on another one after they all men ejaculates on her face they are spitting on her!  Sex? Never mind the sex folks. The players enjoy to see the girl suffers, she cries from shame and humiliation during the scene, she suffers, and that’s what counts. 

The scenes you see is the exact mirror of christopher Bennetts persona: A sadistic dangerous psychopath that masterfully manipulating deficient and corrupted governments in Asia and is walking free. 

Truly yours

Evan Iliadis

PS. You will notice also onthelistofwebsitesabove, there is Perry Gamsby.info and one goes by the name of fastfilipinodivrce.com. I will post only a screenshot of the second one what Perry Gamsby had to say.

Christopher Bennetts Violence on Women

 And look at the highlighted post what the guy had to say. “Ah, you have sunk this low Perry? You have a secret formula formula that you will sell for a small fee! Sheesh”.

FYI,thewebsiteunmaskedasaripoff-credit card stealing site is now closed down. There will be more on that soon.

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