Hellow, I'm Elisabeth Clarke, a victim of Christopher Andrew A.K.A Bennetts and his other partners as Evan Iliadis named on previous entries.He hired me as a trainer to teach some of the girls how to present and put in value themselves on the internet in order to be hired as models by various companies selling legitimate products, like youghourt, chees and clothing. .

Tim Potter "Aka" Norseman-USCM-retired scamTim Potter "aka" Norseman "aka" USMC retired.

Paul Petrea the shame of the expat community in the Philippines P1FugitivePaul Petrea

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesGuenther vomberg "aka" stranded shipscookGuenther Vomberg "aka" Commander Vomberg "aka" Stranded Shipscook.

Remember the old blog where together with Guenther Vomberg Matt Wilkie, and Paul Petrea of course were sharing the glory? It will soon be revived for the future generations planing to migrate in Cebu to know where they put their feet. CLICK on any of the images to see a portion of the old site; we are working on the other pages.


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Perry Gamsby

Paul Petreaaul Petrea speaking on Cambodia said:
I also like the fact that it is MUCH cheaper to live here, than in Thailand. Additionally, it is a bit cheaper than the Philippines, especially regarding food, and alcohol, if you partake. For those of you who like a little herb to smoke once in a while, that is okay too, apparently. (It is illegal to smoke here, but blind eyes are always turned.). In the Philippines, one should never, EVER consider smoking pot, and certainly do not get caught with ANY amount of marijuana on their person. They will live to regret it.



I'm Elisabeth Clarke, a victim of Christopher Andrew A.K.A Bennetts and his other partners as Evan Iliadis named on previous entries. He hired me as a trainer to teach some of the girls how to present and put in value themselves on the internet in order to be hired as models by various companies selling legitimate products, like yoghurt, cheese and clothing.

He told me that all I had to do was to direct the photographer on the best captures for the circumstances. Instead, the girls, many of them underage, were taken on a room that I had not access. When Evan Iliadis directed me to Christopher Bennetts Bennetts porn sites I recognized all of the girls i was "preparing"and got angry. I felt totally betrayed, I felt all the shame in the world, had to move to Amsterdam working as a prostitute myself.




Here I am in Amsterdam. Came completely broke, Christopher Bennetts never paid me for my services, I can't afford to pay the fees for posing behind a window, usually 100 Euros a night, I'm reduced to solicit customers on the main entrance of the building, in a not so busy street risking being in the mercy of a sex-psychopath like those in Christopher Bennetts movies.

Thanks to Evan Iliadis for his courage and bravery of posting some excerpts of his movies, now every body believes me. I was very afraid to talk about this story, Chris Bennetts is also involved in gun for hire business, together with Matt Wilkie and Guenther Vomberg.
Christopher Bennetts has also created a fake Facebook page that I wasn't aware of. I had no idea it existed until Evan Iliadis posted on his blog. I have never published any FB page, I don't know any one of those supposedly are my friends. Here is the page.




Evan has already Posted some videos from chris Bennetts site, I asked him to post this one also

other links about one of Christopher Bennetts best friend in the Philippines. Matt Wilkie from BPO 24hour services

Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION | BPO 24 Hour Services* Tropical Penpals-blog.com – Philippines Blog Matt Wilkie Philippines-24 hours BPO services Matt Wilkie Mental Health And Expats In The Philippines Matt Wilkie. Persit and sign. – Matt Wilkie Philippines BPO 24 Hour Service bpo24hour.com scam Matt-Wilkie-Business-Development-Manager-BDM-Wanted-For-Call-Center–Cebu-Philippines Matt Wilkie Raising pigs in the Philippines Christopher AKA Chris Bennetts adult sites MATT WILKIE IN THE PHILIPPINES PROSTITUTION RING I am Currently In Qatar!. Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines Matt Wilkie blog about his life of holes and gaps Dissociative identity disorder Getting a virtual assistant: Is it worth it? BPO 24 HOUR SERVICES THE LIAR WITHIN Matt Wilkie Mails to Evan Iliadis Philippines porn Cry Babe Cry Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.Matt Wilkie – His Lies And Nothing TrueMatt Wilkie -a self proclaimed detective and a snitch to the Philippines National PoliceMatt-Wilkie-snitching-on-expats Matt Wilkie On Helping Expats Matt Wilkie Cebu Detective PNP Advisor MattWilkieleaks-Diaries Matt Wilkie On Helping Expats Matt Wilkie Cebu Detective PNP Advisor MattWilkieleaks-Diaries













Guenther Vomberg - Living in Cebu Philippines

Guenther Vomberg
A German National from the new generation of sexpats in the Philippines. We will explain you what this uniform he's wearing is all about. A joke, a scam and plus....

title>Matt Wilkie – His Lies And Nothing True

Click on the image and enjoy the moron

Matt Wilkie was about selling counterfeited bogus TV software to the members of the forum and many were opposed to that. With the fall of Paul Petrea Tim Potter felt his crooked business falling apart as well. Tim could no longer sell in a confused forum where members were deserting it one after the other, so did himself.e

Matt Wilkie is snitching sexpats

Matt wilkie. Click on the picture to see how much he cares about expats.

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals

To show how stupid Matt is, or maybe just a “bit touched in the head”, he can’t seem to keep his story straight about the Ellah Joy Pique Case. He claims he knows that no foreigner is involved yet he keeps claiming that Thomas Rhuland may be the real killer.
Hey Matt, get your stories straight or just shut up.
Also you need to stop having all your imaginary friends and foes posting on your blogs. It is so obvious it is really you making up most of the replies. I thought Lloyd Chumbley was your #1 enemy, yet you keep letting him post (but we already know that it is really you, just using his name).
Strange that not only 13 minutes passed and you had a reply to a guy that you claimed was banned from ever posting on your websites.
So Lloyd Chumbley is really Matt Wilkie, and I would assume that the majority of posters on any of Matt’s websites are just figments of Matt’s delusional world. I guess that fall from the cliff really messed up his head.
My advice to Matt, stay off the internet until you get a clean bill of health or get some therapy, you look the fool that your are. What a pathetic individual, no wonder you have to make up pretend friends, as no one would want to associate with you.
NEVER trust Matt, he has thrown enough people under the bus, so be very aware of what Matt is all about. Look at what he tried to do with Evan. Set him up with emails to child porn. And why is Matt even involved in looking at these websites with passwords? Isn’t that a felony to even access these kinds of websites? So Matt has confessed to viewing child porn. That makes him a criminal too.

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals as per his own admission was a collaborator to the PNP in Cebu Philippines

Well, a deep subject folks!. The head injuries from his fall down the cliff fleft some scars we can all see lol!! He's like me? Hum!!! No. I am not like him. I don't avoid Americans. I am an American Citizen myself, by affiliation, (My wife being a Fil/Am when I met her in LA), even I have never used this citizenship, I didn't need it I had a green card, the few years I lived in Los Angeles was a great experience.

Hi Evan Matt Wilkie here

Click on the image above to see Matt's wilkie fake Twiter page. One muast be sick to beleive that this is Paul Petrea's page. I will show you other mails where Matt wilkie said what he does on facebook and Twitter

Evan Iliadis

Evan Iliadis Memories of a former
Rotarian and Human trafficking activist

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame

The heart of snitching is the deal between the government and the criminal suspect, in which the government permits the suspect to avoid potential criminal liability or punishment in exchange for information. In this sense, "snitching" refers to a relatively narrow class of people who give information to the government in exchange for impunity for their own crimes; it is not about whistleblowers, crime victims, civilian witnesses or people who call "911." Rather, criminal informant deals are special because they involve a decision by the government to forego arrest, prosecution or punishment. In other words, snitch deals are a form of plea bargain. This is one of the most important features of informant use: it is not merely an investigative tactic, but a widespread, secretive and almost completely unregulated method of resolving guilt. Or their untimely deaths".

Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts porn sites network in S/E Asia

Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts
An Australian Citizen,for 4 years now he's exploiting this little boy to cleanup his image of the most cruel and inhuman pornographer the Philippines ever knew. You'll know the story soon.

Paul Petrea and associates. The shame of the expat community in the Philippines

Paul Petrea "aka" Woody Paul Petrea Owner of the Living in Cebu forums. A known recidivists Psychopath known for his hatred towards women has beaten up and humiliated under age girls, has helped also bar owners in Cebu and Cagayan de Oro to recruit girls for bars and brothels. He has been deported from the Philippines and living now in Cambodia. We are doing whatever it takes to inform the Cambodian authorities to deport before he strikes there again. a lot more to come on this criminal.

Perry Gamsby's ripoff books on the net

Perry Gamsby.
Author of several rip-off books about Philippines in partnership with Chris Bennetts.Never a foreigner had so much hatred for the country and its people, even though he's the husband of a Filipino woman with 5 children. A flagrant defamation expressed through e-books and statements on blogs and forums. Working with affiliates he never paid their commission,he now tries to cell "the business" . No one wants it! Not even for free!..

Tim Potter aka USMC from sugarland Texas

Tim Potter "aka" norseman "aka" USMC retired. Members of the living in Cebu forums -live in the Philippines forum – (for whatever left) and any other discussion board in the Philippines and abroad, you should get rid of the pirated software you purchase from a certain Timothy Potter, an American citizen from Sugar land TX USA a United States Marine Corps "retired" living in the Philippines since the year 2007, a moderator on Paul Petrea's living in Cebu forum under the avatars "Norseman" and more recently USMC retired. The movie industry has launched a worldwide investigation on this matter, the Philippines government has promised to help them assess the damages starting from controls on internet cafes, forums and information are receiving from citizens.