Photo DMCA (Copyright) Complaint against Evan Iliadis

by Elizabeth Clarke on August 22, 2012



Sexpats Cyber Stars

Guenther Vomberg A.K.A Guenther the commander, A.K.A stranded shippscook. A German National living in Cebu Philippines for many years now, more than 15 in an out. We have information that Guenther Vomberg is wanted in Germany by the government for tax evasion and other penal code violations.

The uniform you see him in is for the purpose of scamming the local population and Foreigners expats living in the Philippines. The scam consists of luring any one into believing he works for the Philippines Government and as such is a connected guy, he can bail you out for crimes you may have committed in the Philippines.

On the surface, he pretends to be a businessman managing a restaurant in a such remote are that by any business calculation or plan is impossible to survive. Is just a facade. Guenther's real income comes from crooked, illegal business.

Sexpats Cyber Stars

Christopher A.K.A Chris Bennetts A.K.A Christopher Andrew Bennetts.
He's wanted by the Philippines Court for several penal violations, including human trafficking, violence against women and children.

He's known as being a very violent person, the cruelest pornographer the SE/A Asia has never encountered before.

Evan Iliadis has been able to obtain many information on him, once unmasked his Filipina wife left him, he fled to Thailand in the year 2010 to avoid prosecution. Ever since, no one knows where he's living.

Lately, Guenther Vomberg said on his blog that he has met with him. Evan is investigating that. There is more charges to be filed against this criminal and Guenther Vomberg as well for association to commit crime. Christopher Bennetts is the author of many barbaric sadistic, the most disgusting you can find on the internet. One of those sites he owns is this one below.

Sexpats Cyber Stars

Click on the image to see the original and more information Christopher Bennetts changed the ownership of the site as soon as the day after publication on many blogs. It doesn't make any difference.

The new record shows the change date, the original has been notarized by a layer in the Philippines. Evan Iliadis is looking to locate him in the Philippines to serve him with edditional charges he's already charged.

But the criminal has never revealed his address. To understand the sadistic psychopath Christopher Bennetts is, the picture below was taken from the site mentioned above.

Sexpats Cyber Stars

To his own admission, one of the most perverted.


Matt Wilkie from tropical Penpals. A British citizen living in the Philippines since year 2008. Like the two others he plays it nice man and stand up guy in the community, but spend his nights on the computer trying to do some business but not even the one involved pigs has been successful so far.

Like the two others, he is a pathological liar, a dangerous mythomaniac, stay away! In a series of mails he has sent to Evan Iliadis he admitted of being a snitch and has reported more than one foreigner to the Philippines National Police in Cebu Philippines where he lives.

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals.

Is a Piggery a viable business in the Philippines?

Matt Wilkie from tropical penpals as per his own admission was a collaborator to the PNP in Cebu Philippines.

After Evan Iliadis published the mails Matt has been abandoned by all his friends, all he left with are the two guys mentioned above.

He has 12zens of blogs on the internet for the purpose of self-polishing his image, pretending he's a businessman, contradicting himself on every sentence of his skills description, like today engineer,tomorrow carpenter or electrician, handyman and missing more.

The bottom line is, England threw him out as an undesirable loser, refuses to take him back with his family if he doesn't show up the minimum financial capability of support, so low might be, only 1.500 Euro a month, but losers can't even make 200 Euros a month in the Philippines. They never learned how to make money, just spend it, each (rare) time had the opportunity to make some.

He does not have income coming from abroad, he and his family survives on pig raising a business where no one ever has generated profit in the Philippines, but also linking brothels and night bars in Cebu to his sites.

Not really big money generating business especially now that they are all afraid to be snitched don't even say hello to him.
Lately, he found a meager source of income following the steps of poor Filipino workers immigrating to the Emirates to find odd jobs.

He has been able to find one as a security guard working 20/24 to save money and come back 4 months later adopting the Filipino style of Balikbayans (stands for overseas workers returning home) will spend the money on show off events, go broke, and back to the desert again and the same will continue.

Very recently, he was hoping to hook up with Christopher Bennetts on some porn business but it looks like he ( Bennetts) doesn't trust him that much, provided that himself (Bennetts) is black listed by the porn sites web masters after disclosure on many blogs and forums of "little indiscretions" Christopher leaked about his "colleagues"!

If you are an investor and you have been approached by this crook for capital investing in his "future business" AND you responded to the request, you are out of lack!

He's leaving again in few days. Look at his blogs and mine, follow his trail and write to his employer to withhold the money from his salary and refund it to you. The good thing with Matt is we always know where he flocks! He can't hide! he always needs attention, as he doesn't get he writes 5 blogs per day, all diarrhea and spitting.
Look at the right side, all links are there.


Next in line is an all time web star from Australia as well. Introducing Perry Gamsby.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: PERRY GAMSBY - KEVIN TAYLOR-AND THE MOBI'll put a picture of Perry later. I don't want you got scared and leave the blog! he's so ugly! in and out!...

Perry Gamsby lived for a short period of time in the Philippines, collected hundreds of statement from the forums with no regard as whether or not were genuine and accurate, considering even from those mentally retarded like Brad Hughes from Cagayan de oro.

He put them all together, added his arrogance and anti-Philippines behavior that repeats time and again with anger and venom spitting, and... Voila!...Here come "the books"!

I lived in the Philippines for many years, met with at lest 250 foreigners, most of them complaining about the country and Filipinos, but no one went even close to spit out so much venom and hate for the Philippines and Filipinos.

Christopher Bennetts is his main partner, together they have other crooked business the books now been thing of the past. Below, is a screen shot of a site that reveals the sites and ownership.

Sexpats Cyber Stars

This is Christopher Bennetts and Perry Gamsby's partial list of porn sites on the same servers and also some others that involves Perry Gamsby's other scams, like "fast divorce" "loose weight "(but only your wallet will be slimmer), and many others" informational" sites.

He's also on "Elizabeth's" Facebook and looks like this: Please Elizabeth no other DMCA claim here OK? Here is Perry. The big man on the front. He came back from the Philippines to Australia with his Filipina wife and 5 kids collecting a bundle from the Australian welfare system.

He also is a keyboard warrior, day and night on the forums insulting people who disagree with him especially the Filipinos. Here is Perry.

Sexpats Cyber Stars

Perry Gamsby is very happy with Google's decision to ban the wall of shame site in Australia where he made the headlines for years.

Something tells me he has regrets now because no one is talking about him and he fall into depression. No worries Perry. Your friend is here. I'll make sure you regain your spot om the search engines as before! Happy now?


Paul Petrea. The last one (for today) is a super cyber star, a psychopath spent all his life beating up women and scamming foreigners.

Paul Petrea and associates. The shame of the expat community in the Philippines.

Deported from the Philippines in 2006 came back on a fake passport, to be self-deported again in 2012 thanks to Evan Iliadis and his supporters he now flocks in Cambodia having one and only whish in his mind: How to come back to the Philippines.

For that, he will have to wait the day he will walk trough my body. Which is not in the cards for the foreseen future. I think I'd rather folks direct you to a few links so you can see who the animal is.

The next links is about a discussion on a forum owned By Matt Wilkie. He took advantage of the circus atmosphere then, in an effort to participate to Paul Petrea's destruction for the purpose of diverting the web traffic to his site. Bad Karma for Matt! Evan Iliadis destroyed his before even has the smallest chance to prosper.

After failure and receiving mails containing death threats from Paul Petrea Matt Wilkie shot down the thread, Evan saved it and uploaded to his server. You can more than 40 pages of comments. This, gives the whole picture what exactly happened. Here is the link

Sexpats Cyber Stars

Notice the REPORT BLOG in the menu above the blog.  You simply need to click that and enter your complaint.  I did this yesterday. We shall see how it

And here is our heroine of the day. Elizabeth Clarke. Trainer. That's what she said she is? Of course the title is not very clear. I made it simple for you to see of what this consist. Click on the image and take a look.
She now works in Amsterdam but she can't afford to pay the 'window fees" consisting of 80 to 100 Euros a night for expose her body behind a window in the busy red lights district. So she just soliciting passing by sex tourists on the main door entrance from the building where she lives..
Hers she is.

Sexpats Cyber Stars
Now I feel much better, I am the one to chose my customer and style of sex. Do you want to see what we had to do with Christopher Bennetts? Look at the video below. Very disgusting!. There isn't a woman on the world that take please in drinking the sperm of 100 men masturbating. Is Just sadistic and humiliation. Like this:

 You want to click on? 
Make sure you have not a fragile stomach!.. vomitting! Not sexual explicit stuff. 
Just vomiting! For psychopaths to enjoy others'
 pain. For once Christopher 
Bennetts doesn't lie when he said "forced Bukkake. It is !


Christopher Bennetts porn movies

Christopher Bennetts porn movies

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Mik September 6, 2012 at 12:16 am

It is very clear that Evan Iliadis lives off stolen photos and stolen posts made in forums that he joins under false names. He clearly has an agenda to continue to steal and breach copyright with impunity. Evan has a long history of theft, be it Photos, scripts or just the plain truth by editing and selectively using his ill gotten material.

The more you read of Evan BY Evan the more dishonest he is shown to be and his self exposure is helping his many victims.


Evan Iliadis reply:
Can I see some of this "stolen work"?




Elizabeth Clarke September 7, 2012 at 7:05 am

It was obvious to me within a minute of reading his blog he was a nut case and very few people would take him seriously.But thins have changed. Evan Iliadis is right to expose this animal Christopher Bennetts, a psychopath willing to humiliate any one for money.


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