Christopher Bennetts is accused of running 85 pornographic sites
that besides nudity he's promoting violence, sadistic and humiliating scenes and comments.
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Readers, welcome to a second promotional article of ze book I promised you last week. The text you see behind the picture above is taken from the book Guenther is partner and translator of the German version. Bad news readers..
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Matt Wilkie Full blown schizophrenia

Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook .
Matt Wilkie the fall of a schizophrenic sexpat crook. It's over folks! Another one of the coalition went silent, in narcosis due to taking of heavy psychotic medications to calm his flare-ups. It was time, but he managed first to embezzle some money from his BPO partners customers and employees.
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Matt Wilkie's Ladyboys agentsAfter the tremendous success to his world's first idea of raising smart pigs those pigs that many organizations and industries like the Philippines Police Department and the call centers to name a few,. Read More...

Evan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie PhilippinesEvan Iliadis-Matt Wilkie enjoys BPO 24 hour services
Matt Wilkie said: "OK I wanted to share my experience with BPO 24 hour services. We simply dropped out off the planet since about February and not in a negative way." Read More

BPO 24 Hour ServicesBPO 24 HOUR SERVICESReasons for avoiding doing business with Matt Wilkie BPO 24 hour services.

Reason 1.- Folks, this guy has nothing to do with this profession, he's a computer geek writing blogs on the internet hoping some day will receive in the mail a big Google check so he can replace his motorcycle with a car he hadn't own one in ages. Read more

Matt Wilkie 24 hour Call Center now dead - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie PhilippinesThis is not a surprise of course because the project never existed in the first place anyway. It was just Matt Wilkie's therapy to his Narcissistic personality disorder . Here is a short excerpt from Wikipedia about the behavior. Read More

BPO 24 hour lie getting worst. - Matt Wilkie Philippines Matt Wilkie PhilippinesI hope you reader are not stupid to believe what you see. Matt Wilkie has added this picture to his BPO sites to make it look like a call centre. These are girls living in his neighborhood. He brought them to his house for the picture. Supposedly are trained to become "Telemarketing agents". Read More...

Evan iliadis: Evan Iliadis. Stop Internet predatorsAs our daily live have merged
in the computer technology where we are connected through Iphone, Ipads, laptop, computers, webpages, emails and Text messaging in about every aspect of our lives, there has emerged a group of criminals, con artist, predators and scammers bent on using this technology for the soul reason to steal our hard earned money and assets from us. 

Drew Frederick Shobbrook aka Dean Hoban aka Frenzy3
One down a few more to go. The arrest of this pedophile, whatever his real name is, has brought  hope within the enforcement administration in Cebu that someone, somewhere cares for the destitute by refuging the bribe.
Certainly not thanks to “commander” Guenther Vomberg  too busy associating with criminals and pedophiles, but to those of us who contributed to his arrest, as you’ll see some evidence of our action to be published shortly.

Guenther Vomberg Human trafficking association - Guenther VombergWarning! Warning! Warning! You will be scammed for good! This time 5 of them united to screw you 110 US$ to begin with, then they will bill your credit card again and again!

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesTim Potter "aka" Norseman "aka" USMC retired.

BPO 24 Hour Services | Business Process Outsourcing based in the PhilippinesBPO 24 HOUR SERVICES MATT WILKIE PHILIPPINES THE LIAR WITHIN
Another one from the megalomaniac- mythomaniac Matt Wilkie.
The voices in the night (and day as well)- told him that he should fully develop his world class business skills in the digital cyber, virtual, high-tech cyberstalking,cyber porn world, (I'm sure I forgot many), Matt woke up in the middle of the night and start executing voices' orders. He started building a site with flash whistles and bells phrases and words like:

Sexpats Cyber Stars.My name is Elizabeth Clarke and I have been the victim of a Cyberstalker. I have created this site to help people that become the victim of a cyber stalker or online predator. As a women I understand it from a female perspective especially when there is an aspect of sexual harassment as was the case with my stalker. I am a Professional Trainer based in San Jose, California.



Once a Sexpat has fully ingratiated him self within the Sexpat community, there is absolutely no chance for his re-assimilation back into the real world. Read More

Tim-Potter-from-Sugarland-TexasTim-Potter-from-Sugarland-Texas also known as Norseman or USMC retired. No one knows who the guy really is. For sure a sexpat that flock together with his pairs in Cebu Philippines.

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesFugitivePaul Petrea

Evan Iliadis -sexpats wall of shame in the philippinesGuenther vomberg "aka" stranded shipscookGuenther Vomberg "aka" Commander Vomberg "aka" Stranded Shipscook.
Remember the old blog where together with Guenther Vomberg Matt Wilkie, and Paul Petrea of course were sharing the glory? It will soon be revived for the future generations planing to migrate in Cebu to know where they put their feet. CLICK on any of the images to see a portion of the old site; we are working on the other pages.


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Perry Gamsby

Paul Petreaaul Petrea speaking on Cambodia said:
I also like the fact that it is MUCH cheaper to live here, than in Thailand. Additionally, it is a bit cheaper than the Philippines, especially regarding food, and alcohol, if you partake. For those of you who like a little herb to smoke once in a while, that is okay too, apparently. (It is illegal to smoke here, but blind eyes are always turned.). In the Philippines, one should never, EVER consider smoking pot, and certainly do not get caught with ANY amount of marijuana on their person. They will live to regret it.

Matt Wilkie-tropicalpenpals-blog.com-Being-Cyber-Stalked


Matt Wilkie Full blown schizophrenia

Matt Wilkie full blown schizophrenia


It's over folks! Another one of the coalition went silent, in narcosis due to taking of heavy psychotic medications to calm his flare-ups. It was time, but he managed first to embezzle some money from his BPO partners customers and employees. Matt Wilkie schizophrenia

Once he gets better, back to the Middle East again for work, doing what he knows better: Being a Security guard, but many want him out of the Philippines once and for good. Matt Wilkie schizophrenia

Dear Mr. Harry Wilkie, Mr. Andrew Wilkie, Mrs. Betty Wilkie, Mr. Mark Wilkie,Nik Wilkie-Burn and other members of Matt family living in the UK: Mat Matt Wilkie schizophreniat
I'm appealing to you for help to get rid of your relative, the parasite infesting the Philippines for nearly 6 years now.

Your son, father, brother cousin or nephew, what ever your parenthood is, has shamed the expat and BPO community in the Philippines once again, the country has enough with this scumbag. He needs medications, desperately and urgently, appealing for this to a couple of members left in his bankrupt forum asking for help in finding generic brands medications is not the solution. Matt Wilkie schizophrenia

The problem with these medications in the Philippines is they don't work, are fake, distributed by con artists like your relative Matt Wilkie, like this software pirate one of his best friends that the Philippines got rid sending him back to the US where he belongs, two others of his team have also left the building, Ron Miller and Mark Overly are in the US handling "the business" in Cebu from there. Needless to tell you no one gives a gram of credit to this liar, because he has snitched every one close to him to the PNP in exchange of favors to his crooked business.

Members of Matt Wilkie family, if I'm writing you today is for a reason.
The monster you have raised windup to be a loser and according to him you have written him off long ago. Look below

Matt Wilkie Full blown schizophrenia

No one will care what his problem with you is if Matt wasn't so sick to the point to have more than one hundred fake accounts on Face Book and Twitter for the purpose of conveying to the families of those he doesn't like nasty messages and links and having dozens of blogs under his name and fake names just for the heck of spying on foreigners for no reason, if is only thinking that the Philippines National Police will spare his own criminal activities. Matt Wilkie schizophrenia

I decided from now on to reciprocate with the one you call a son, a father, a brother or else to bombard you with your pictures every where as he did with my family. Here is an example below:

Matt Wilkie Full blown schizophrenia

Nice catch Mr Harry Wilkie. This kind of fish becomes scarce now days in the Philippines or expensive by local living standards. I thing you should invite him to your place once in a while.

Matt Wilkie Full blown schizophrenia

Who ever they are with you Mr. Harry Wilkie, these family look happy. If I was you, I will hide them from the face of the earth and I will even change my name. The bastard you raised is on the hit list of many expats in the Philippines a few more have been added recently.

He blames others for his failures, some of the names and pictures he posted with racial slurs they don't even exist!.The little money he made from the BPO business isn't enough not even to repair his car paying a mechanic 8 Euros a day. Your son was surviving with a meager income generated selling back-links to porn sites from another criminal specialised in the most perverted sites of this kind: Christopher Bennetts. and his other perverted partner Guenther Vomberg. But even those pimps got rid of him. they all distanced their name from him fearing disclosure and snitching on their activities in the Philippines.

Mr. Harry Wilkie, no decent man goes to live in the Philippines in the age of your son. Only retirees with their Filipino wife that lived for years together in a first world country, then decided to retire there. Not many will die there though, after a few years, most are leaving, back to their countries preferring the comfort and the security of a developed country they know. Only losers and scammers staying, your son is one of them.

I'll be back with more soon.

Sincerely yours, Evan Iliadis, 21 Rue de la Solane, Mougins Le Haut Cote d'Azur, France. Matt Wilkie schizophrenia