Tim Potter "aka" USMC retired. A Warning from Evan Iliadis

Members of the living in Cebu forums -live in the Philippines forum – (for whatever left) and any other discussion board in the Philippines and abroad, you should get rid of the pirated software you purchase from a certain Timothy Potter, an American citizen from Sugar land  TX USA a United States Marine Corps “retired” living in the Philippines since the year 2007, a moderator on Paul Petrea’s living in Cebu forum under the avatars “Norseman” and more recently USMC retired. The movie industry has launched a worldwide investigation on this matter, the Philippines government has promised to help them assess the damages starting from controls on internet cafes and information are receiving from citizens.


With the help of  Matt Wilkie, a British national living in Cebu Philippines author of a blog titled Philippines tropical pen pals is promoting his bogus pirated software (that do not work) to members of the forums. Please see an excerpt of the site below. The author, after describing the “quality” of the software is selling, he directs you to a site for an illegal download, eventually as he stated  in the forum before  he will come to your place if you live in Cebu area to “install” them ” for the “discounted price of 20 Dollars or so, or he will help you “remotely” Here is the excerpt. Clicking on will bring you to the original entry

The entry, can be read here entirely as posted by Matt Wilkie with links what to do and where to go. Some of the links on this post where Tim send you for download will bring you to the FBI Anti-piracy warning I posted above.  

Reader, another rip-off on  PaulPetrea’s forum. Don’t you have enough? Tim Potter bought an advertising  banner on his forum allowing him to mislead the members. Tim Potter needs money desperately. Don’t be a victim. Is not the first time I am writing on Tim’s scams. I posted an entry a few months ago but frankly, I wasn’t suspected then the magnitude of the scam and other’s involvement, especially Matt Wilkie who banned him from his forum live in the philippines forum. com.

Both, Matt and Tim came to the Philippines with dreams of making fortune using the internet, betting their chances on Paul Petrea Forum known for accepting – and even encouraging scams. Paul Petrea is gone, managing his forum from Cambodia under the status of a fugitive of the PH justice department. Matt Wilkie left the building and is now

Matt Wilkie from tropical Penpals

 working as a security guard in Oman, in other words an OFW. And his forum? Oh well!…no more comments needed… Tim Potter lives on income on 40K pesos a month plus what ever income can get from here an there limited to the members of the forums as I described. He’s dying to go back “home”. Which home? We don’t know anything about him prior to his arrival in the Philippines. All we know, he can’t even secure a ticket for his new family in the Philippines to bring them to the US. Last month he almost lost his wife and the new baby she’s expecting, unable to afford the cost of a third world hospital,should the bill exceed a bit further. 

Next week or so, I’ll tell you about the Living in Cebu forums dependency syndrome some members are suffering. They have associated their name for years with an owner as described by a member who slammed the door and left:  ”If i was you I would not like what I saw when I looked in the mirror”. They are spending day and night on the keyboard replying to about anything is posted there, one has 7000+ posts in only 16 months;  yet, he said he  doesn’t  know where  to find an airline ticket to visit his ailing mother and ask the members to do it for him. The LIC forum is the only reason he uses a computer? 

I wasn’t planning writing an update this time of the year, as I said, we are on vacations here on the first world,with family and friends, no time to take care of those Paul’s associates sexpats and morons. But because of an urgent warning message from one of them, Guenther Vomberg, published on this forum  I was advised by contributors and supporters to diffuse the warning throughout the Philippines by all means, every single expatiate living in the Philippines, regardless of their social status, expat, sexpat, ole fart “lovers” pimps and fugitives, or straight honest honorable foreigners should know this. I’ll make it short though…

Update July 14th. The screenshot below was taken from the first entry I published on the subject back in March 2012, where I was telling any one, especially to Phillip Rowe that he will never see Paul in court.


It‘s news to me! No, I did not run for a seat in a packed court room,  neither ordered extra popcorn for the pastime. Folks, again, “I told you so”. I have stated time and again, on my writings on the blogs, on comments and posts on the forums, to Philipp Rowe “aka” Americano the sexpat, to my good friends and other enemies, that the chances of seeing Paul in a court room in Cebu are from slim to none. Here come this notorious sexpat Amercano and his new lawyer and advisor Matt Willkie “aka” PNP detective and advisor on special operations, telling us, “there is an arraignment July 12 for the case number blablabla,  Manilyn Gemarino, -Rowe or what ever her new name is today (She has changed her profile name in FB 11 times.) against Woody Paul Petrea SR (or without SR ) what ever it is”.

Well, if that rejuvenates Matt’s dead forum and some return “for the big news” (I haven’t see Guenther though) Evan owes you the truth, the facts, and nothing but the facts, how he has  been successful to kick out of the Philippines this criminal by using this low life Philipe Rowe that is not worth more than Paul, when it comes to respect Filipinas, something that Evan was right on his belief “the end justify the means”. You’ll read shortly what I mean. There will be no need to re-introduce the defendant, in this case Paul Petrea,

For newbies on this blog you can read 



At that time I promised you a continuation on this case, but in the mean time other hot subjects surfaced on the Cebu lowlife sexpats and criminals department and Phillip was put in to the refrigerator. Time to come out Phil, you need some air!

Phillip Rowe, together with his new lawyer Matt Wilkie are extremely happy that Paul will not come to the court. Lucky you guys! You will not have to buy a cubic of sand to put your head in when Paul’s lawyer will collapse the case, in minutes, will make the judge understand what the case was all about , who “the husband” is, and worst, Paul could file defamation and harassment charges against him and her, and “Voila”! Paul a hero again! an innocent citizen in good standing, Guenther will not hesitate a minute to sponsor him as member to the coastal guard and to the Rizalists  illuminattis he’s a member.

Friends and internet gurus opponents (No, no guys the site is still alive and prospering) here is what happened. I’ll make it short, straight to the point, no elaborate wording, pictures and screen shots will talk by themselves. Nevertheless, if a picture worth 1000 words, one still needs to add a few words to explain the picture! Agree?

Back in October 2011, a comment is posted on the blog apparently from a Filipino girl. found out later she’s in her 20s. Here is what she said:

Then, days later, her boy friend came in to the scene. An American guy named Phillip Rowe in his 60s. But with one foot only. The other was still in the living in cebu forums where 2 months later after Paul hit her he was posting nasty things on Filipinos and his girl friend family.

From mail to mail, from chat to chat with both of them and a search on his profile and postings on the living in Cebu forum AND the valuable contribution of Inspector – PNP (Philippines National Police) special agent Matt Wilkie, I made my mind up what exactly was going on.

- Paul Petrea and Phillip Rowe were friends, more than friends, buddies, even more than buddies, they were “drinking companions” as both are known drunkards in the community at large…Phillip and Manilyn were amongst the few, very few, to attend Paul’s BD at “my place” bar in 2011.

-As soon as the first exchange of mails with Phillip and comments start coming in, all questioning “where he was when Paul was beating his wife”, even though Manilyn gave an explanation – “he was drunk and was sleeping”- it’s really hard to swallow. Folks, we are talking here everything happened in one room, according to Manilyn the beating was going on for an hour. How big are the rooms in a resort in Moalboal? Are they that big that Phillip was so isolated and far of the “event” that didn’t hear or saw nothing? Take a look on the screen shot below. This is only the half of the list of mails exchanged with him.

-Manilyn doesn’t lie on her explanation, but under pressure and censure from her sexpat husband, She just doesn’t say the whole story. There is no doubt in my mind, never was, that Paul beat her as she described it, but again, something is missing here. Investigator Matt wilkie has his own idea, let’s read from him what he had to say. I have already published this mail but I think it is within the present context to give it more “value” today and maybe Phillip has something to say. Below is an unsolicited report Matt sent me – just to show me how great and efficient detective is. Please note: “I will send the original mail including headers directly from my Yahoo inbox to any one will request it. A screen shot, or a PDF format, with good skills in photoshop a mail can be edited but not to the point to be undetectable. A computer savvy will recognize the manipulation.  But there is NO way to alter it  when you receive it as a forwarded or attached mail”. Now here is what Matt said. You can read the entire mail also where the excerpt below is coming from here, look for mail#6

When Matt wrote this about Americano (Phillip Rowe) he had seen only one picture. This one.  There was more of the same somewhere in his facebook page. Look this one below. In a thread talking about maids he called her “live in” then Manilyn is her cousin living with them. To me looks none of the above. How about you reader? Look at his hand in the water… But who was taking the picture? Manilyn of course! Who’s the girl with Phillip here? Depend who you ask. A maid? Manilyn’s cousin? A live in (as what)? Read his statements below and judge yourself.

Matt and many others have seen this one. The capture was taken from Matt’s forum here

Now, you don’t need to be a detective or a “connected” to figure out with whom you interact in the cyberspace. There are those who say “things” about you that you never said  and they can’t bring up the source of the statement because it does’t exist, and those who said “things” about themselves that third party could be interested, download, give it to their attorney for notarizing the original source of the statement and keep it in file. That’s what I do with may Lawyer in Bohol, It cost me 25 pesos per page and so far I have 600 pages on file. So you guys can erase and manipulate pages, it wont work. Now. imagine for a moment that Paul did the same thing with Phillip Rowe and during the cross examination in court ask Phillip this: “Sir, did you made this statement below?”

And in the year 2007 you brought another Filipina to the US. What happened to her? How many  filipinas you have abused? Maybe we should launch an investigation as to what you got in exchange (other than sex) for the facilitation to them obtaining a green card? 

And another “maid” 17 years old. Expats, tell me: How many of you living in a 2 bedroom apartment, no kids no parents to take care, just you or two of you have a live in maid? Hummmm!!! 

Then, digging further, Paul found this one, not a hard work really because it comes from his database!

And this one below? Look at the date you wrote it. Dec. 27 -2011!  2 months later after your wive’s beating, you have continued to befriend your buddy Paul and who knows if you didn’t have a few drinks and shared a couple of blow jobs with him in the toilets in Ayala mall. Remember what Detective Matt said: He has seen then all! 

Will you find a judge that will not consider this a slander, the worst style of defamation towards Filipinos and the family of your wife? Are you expecting any judge or prosecutor, or even Lawyer you hired  to fight for your case?  Phillip Rowe, you can’t  fool any one telling around that is “her case” “She filed the charges” “it’s her business” .

You declined to be included on the witness list but make no mistake Lawyers know how to subpoena  witness, you will have to testify and Paul’s lawyer will trash you in the middle of the room, destroying what ever left (if any) of your credibility, if you had any to begin with.

Readers and friends,here comes the real story. You all know Evan is a strong wording writer, vitriolic at times, a necessary style when you deal with parasites unrepentant, remorseless and in total denial of their criminal actions or behavior, hard headed sexpats and criminals. Evan will never compromise to the detriment of the truth and the interest of those vulnerable Filipinos that he has witnessed the abuses from pimps, disgusting old sexpats and all kind of foreigners exploiters. Phillip Rowe fits exactly in this category. Phillip Rowe, never wanted to file charges against Paul Petrea. When I read the statement he made in the forum below, there was no doubt in my mind that money, together of naming and shaming will motivate him to go ahead. I sent him 100 Euros as a first installment with the promise as the case progress will send more. Read the statement, then I will continue.

Phillip Rowe has a different conception about helping people in a forum that for such trivial services no one will ask compensation, is the only one wanted finding fees for a maid he will refer to someone.! Was he in need of 1000 pesos? It didn’come to the attention of a blind or stupid.

All I was looking for, was to create awareness to the immigration and the authorities in general, including the US embassy because his passport is not quite what should be. (There will be another entry on this when the campaign to kick him out from Cambodia will begin soon.) And it worked. One sexpatt chased another. In other words… “The clash of the sexpats” that tumbled Living in Cebu forums,kicked out of the country Paul and filled in pages in Matt Wilkie forum and blogs. And the winner is? The people of the Philippines of course! The biggest looser? Tim Potter “aka” the Norseman  . He lost his teacher and buddy in scamming business. Hard to recover… Paul is now rebuilding in Cambodia. So we do here on this blog. We’ll keep you posted.  

Folks, a little update on Guenther Vomberg about his health. Bad news… He’s back into the hyperactive state, probably a side effect, or pizza intoxication from bad pepperoni or synthetic mozzarella? Maybe. But he became even more liar and egocentric than before. He feels that is against “his class” and social position to make customers pizza order himself. I have a friend working as an executive chef at the Carlton Hotel. Did you read that Guenther? C-A-R-L-T-O-N! his salary is 13k Euros a month plus many “extras” his 32 staff in the kitchen are doing preparation and appetizers only. Skilled cooks also. Jean Claude does the Lobster Thermidor and the others classic French cuisine himself. From A to Z, the main courses are all made by him, hands on the pot and pans, right on the stove! Same for your country man  Wolfgang puck in los Angeles. Of course we are talking a much higher level of cuisine but back to pizzas they can also have this personal touch that a good chef can add to it.

But this is not all. As usual, a misleading statement for reasons we have already analyzed and will be more in the near future.

Now  look what Guenther said on the forum. The thread is long, it worth a look, he started it, you’ll understand his frustration and attacks on certain members, but is his psychotherapy. Don’t blame the guy. Is the only place can host his writings and “down stairs” bow flare ups. 

and what he said to me during our chat on FB.

So. When the kitchen becomes chaotic? When you are in or out?

Folks, I can’t (again) imagine the degree of addiction he got with the computer and the LinC forum… Even between 2 customers orders he will chat, post, argue… That’s why he gets along so well with Matt Wilkie!.. He’s the same…when he starts typing he forget to stop!.. They have many many other things in common guys. I’ll talk to you later….

Good morning from the beautiful Cote D’azur South of France. I am here today for the continuation on the behavior of our hero of the month Guenther Vomberg from Balamban – Cebu – Philippines. I thought he was from Germany but his FB page states other wise. Maybe an error on my part…. We’ll see. Let’s take a look on his page.

Guenther Vomberg working as a commander for the Philippines governementGuenther works for the Philippines government? Hey Matt! isn’t he the other guy employed by the PNP to bait foreigners? The one you mentioned in your Mail#5 that states this?

Is there anyone can understand the game of this moron? Folks, beware! this isn’t only the game of a retard.

Take a look also on this.

To see him as an undercover? That he’s there to spy on Paul’s forum? Leme have another big, fat f…..g big Greek laugh lol!… In another conversation he came up with this:

Excuse me Mr moron? Paul the sexpat did not use the forum for his scamming activities? Are you living under a rock? Who ya gonna fool? Ahhhhhhh the illuminatti!… Do you guys think he believes what he’s saying? Of course not! And that’s where the secret lies folks…

Members of the Living in Cebu forums, civic organizations in the Philippines, wannabe and current expats in the Philippines beware the scammer. Guenther wants you to believe he’s a “connected” man in the country, ready to help you, but as we all know, there is no free help on this world. Real “connected” don’t come to the forums and scream it. Only morons. The organizations he pretend to be a member, this writer know them very well, better than this scammer does. The reason he’s an active member on the evil forum and selling his “influence” there, is because is the only place he will find buyers. Like a freshman with some money to invest in a burger and French fries venture that he struggles to survive today. He has learned the scamming business from his master in the forum, he witnessed more than one there, he has seen more than one stupid “investing” in scams, best of all, he knows “it’s working”! 

This writer, knows them all, those crooks hiding inside reputed international organizations that in the first world no one will talk to them, but in the Philippines they enter them just on the basis,“If is a foreigner is some one important” Today, Evan is proud to announce that Michael Turner the psychopath from Cagayan De Oro  that I am fighting for his deportation for 2 years now is about to be true. He was the same flamboyant guy as Guenther, pathological megalomaniac and a liar. Take a look  below on the screenshot and see the similarities:

Now look here for the latest:

I am also proud to announce that Paul Petrea is now history in the Philippines. It took Evan 4 years to accomplish it. You Guenther, like many crooks of this forum, you only brought your contribution in trying to derail the process, which was the purpose of befriending me in the FB. hoping your feathered and hypocrite writing style will convince me “you are like me”. Matt said the same! But me, Evan, Will tell you all soon who those “like me” are, those real “like me”, those sincere friends that contributed to the elimination of the greatest and most dangerous psychopath the Philippines ever knew: Your master Paul Petrea.

I will  now be taking a break, summer time here, “la joie de vivre” in the south of France, first tourist destination in the world. I do have a last question for you: Who told you That I can’t come to the Philippines? Or differently putting it, how do you know I am not coming to the Philippines? Are you stalking me? If yes, then, you are not doing a good job. You need to improve your undercover skills.

eah, I know.Not nice words on Guenther isn’t? Well, not really. I gave him a good opportunity to clean up his record and join the expat community living in good standing in Cebu, which is not always the one he thinks it is, where the majority of the Expats belong, but apparently he didn’t make it, preferring instead a comeback to his natural habitat,the place where he “received the light” where bad men become worst, where good men after a while will make a pee on the forum pages and say good-by.

                            Welcome back  to the living in Cebu Forums Guenther! 

Readers, Supporters haters opponents,insulters and the like, all welcome to a new edition of our blog with a new hero that has rejoined the zeros, where he actually belongs. Friends, be prepared to meet a new breed of expat, some one extremely clever (?) in self-image building, master in dissimulating his whence came, capable for a “perfect crime” and get away with it. True? Almost. Because usually this kind of expats you don’t find them in forums like this, in fact, you don’t find them in the forums at all, exception made some professional, specialized boards where in addition to a double password they will provide you with they will examine your teeth as well before granting admission. Besides, those illuminatis talk very slow, very little, following the golden rule “Parlons peu mais parlons bien” as opposed  to Guenther’s  diarrhea in posting in the forums. Look at his profile. 6500 and counting in a little more than a year of presence, that is from his introduction in December 2010 until February 2012 when I forced him into exile. He came back to the forum May 17th 2012 and until June 3d he has already 110 posts! He missed so much his flock together the boy…

I was telling you earlier about Guenther been a different expat within the LinC forum and some of the particularities  are that he’s relatively young amongst the old farts like the”smokeys” and the”headshots” just to name a couple, unlike most of  his mates in the forum he doesn’t have income coming from abroad, no particular professional skills, all you read in his curriculum vitae  is that can’t hold a steady job. Handyman, Plumber, Painter Pizza and sandwiches maker, then he upgrades himself  to “executive chef” expert in grilled Steak -French fries and salad,  making him totally dependent on income generated from “business” within the Philippines. Even worst, depending on expats to sell his products, a marketing putting any business within close range  to death, Wombat cafe in Cebu been the latest example. And that’s what the problem is. Guenther has to compromise with any expat, as pervert he can be, like a pedophile Paul Petrea his master can be, as long as he (Guenther) can secure a meager income from the relationship, hell the moral and principles. Who cares….

Guenther is a very narcissistic personage, with many inferiority complexes, constantly looking for a spot in a society (Philippines) that genetically and culturally has nothing in common, yet, he said he feels more Filipino than German and ready to acquire Filipino citizenship, a move that very few expats coming from the first world have done.To explain this there will be many entries about this particular expat and will go as fast as I can, provided that living where I live in one of the most expensive regions as the French Riviera is known to be, one has other interests and involvements than sitting on the computer day in night out venerating the LinC forum wondering what the next  honorary title Master Paul will confer to the Elite contributor Commander Guenther Vonberg. Lets start  by formally introducing our hero of the day; I will let this task to him, as he did in his own words to his mates in the forum. Here he comes. A big round of applauds for Guenther please!….

You Noticed Guenther? I did not remove the comment you posted on me with your avatar. So don’t say I’m unfair ok?

elcome to an adventurer, coming from none where, with less than a clear background and ideals, blaming any body else for his financial and other failures including the German Taxation Administration and his ex wife, ending up in the third world where no one knows anything of his life, managed to be called “Sir”, be thanked by a bunch of sexpats in the LinC forum, the only place he’s allowed to relieve himself of this chronic diarrhea he suffers.

For us here in the blog, he’s not different than the other  sexpat’s wing of the forum, even worst, a believer in Paul Petrea that recently came to his defense in “the other forum” under a troll ID but didn’t work, as  didn’t his last attempt to open a thread  in  his turf to hang Evan, but he was quickly put to order. No one cares about his quarrel with him and that was also one of the reasons Evan took his time before publishing the first entry on Guenther, to see his attempt failing one after the other that is. Because believe it or not Guenther, you enjoy the sympathy of very few in your place, I’ll go as far and say that I have more friends and sympathizers in the LinC forums than you!  You call me a stalker ha! I like that… If I wasn’t, how I will clean up my wife’s and my children’s place (By the way do you have any? Wife or children?) from parasites like you that behind a uniform that we don’t see you doing  anything other than publishing pictures in bars and restaurants to feed your ego, a piece of paper  that says “3d degree Rizalist” with a bonus of been called  SIR!, giving it the importance as it was handed to you by the Queen Elisabeth. Of course, addressing your audience in the LinC forum you can sell them smoke and mirrors by the pound, but Evan has  a keyboard with special features on that can cleanup the smoke and bring clean air for every one to breath. It’s now time for asking some questions to Guenther 

n one of several mails and facebook conversations we had exchanged not long ago, consisted  on your exposure of the Philippines Costal Guard to the living in Cebu forums,your personal pages on FB and others,  you said that you have done it with the their full agreement and authorization.

Yeah? The Coastguard requested Paul’s forums to be known in the sexpats milieu of Cebu and be greeted by the scammers, drunkards and all low life migrating to Cebu daily? To your opinion, when you made the request, did you inform them about the existence of an extensive photo gallery as the one below that at the time you started the topic were abundance of the same that got deleted after the latest blowup Evan and his friends inflicted to your Master Paul Petrea? Take a look.

You know who the guy is don’t you? Do you think they (Coastal Guard) will agree to “promote” their virtues in a place like this? 

Let’s look at something else, very recent this one, posted to greet your comeback and remind you “Hey Guenther, nothing has changed  during  your absence  of several months due “to been busy with the opening of your 3d resto”. We’ll see later what the reason of your absence was…. 

Do you know the guy who posted this ? Guenther? I’m sure you do because he’s ranking the same as you. ELITE MEMBER and you the illuminattis of the L in C forum suppose to know each other. Like in any “inner circle” or “chambre de milieu” composed by smart people.. The thread was deleted to the outrage of a member but this member wasn’t you!…And just in case  you are a bit confused, I’ll be nice to put something else about Frosty. 

I’m sure you now know who’s the guy because any one can visit the topic and see that you have replied to the thread…. I know, you love to help people, including sexpats and pedophiles, so you brought your contribution to Frosty’s sexpedition to the Philippines and probably having your own sexperience in the subject you felt obligated to help a fellow ELITE MEMBER  as required by the code of honor established by your Leader.

So Guenther, What’s up? addicted to the forum? bringing an unconditional support to its pedophile owner? How you can reconcile your  appurtenance to Societies and Clubs where supposedly are making good men better with your decadence as a member of a crooked group of people? Let me ask you this:
Do you know any one of the, say, Kiwanis club member that belongs to the Living in Cebu Forums? How about in the Costal Guard? any one? And in the Knights of Rizal? Have you seen, say, Hans Shouff  in your forum? Or in any other forum?

Let’s have a break and see a preview of what comes next.

Guenther as an undercover agent. Another one! 

Hey Matt! wasn’t Guenther the second guy you talk about in your mail #5  in the sentence shown  below? 

Guys, Come back in few days for a big laugh. 

Two entries on this blog were more than sufficient to put out of business one of the most dangerous paranoid expat the PH ever knew. He’s different than others, closer to Guenther Vomberg type, many similarities, like mythomania, “know it all guy” need to spread out his connections to gain attention and consideration, fear to be unnoticed, but at the end of the day, all we know for both is only what they said, not many cared, hugged by only a few sexpats.  I will describe more in details on the next entry coming soon. Now sorry Guenther, I have to take care of Matt today, I’ll make it short on him, I can’t afford to be portrayed so cruel by beating a dead horse. I’ll be back to you sometime next week. Sorry again….

Friends (and haters) as I said, there will be no need to rush updates on Matt, you all know by now he does an excellent job of burring himself, you have read his latest blogs, all copy paste of mine, the “other forum” he owns is dead, despite important incentives offered for posting, like  t-shirts and mugs, members have deserted the place leaving Matt posting and answer his own posts.  I wouldn’t bother to continue beating up on him, but I need everyone to know that amidst the expats and sexpats in Cebu, some one try to conceal his real ID, a pathological liar, a totally lost in life, an exiled- inapt first world citizen looking for recognition in the Philippines.

Today, I will limit  this entry to a posting of a correspondence I exchanged with Matt on March 3d 2012. It is important to consider that this was done days after he banned me from his forum! On the spot! just minutes after I posted! Yes! you read it right! So much he’s in love with me! Look at the screen shot below. (Lamoya was my screen name)What the hell I have to do to be hated by a guy like him? Nothing works! He still sticks   on me! And is not the only one! I have similar conversation with Guenther lol! I’ll tell you soon what he said….

This was my last statement on his forum before I ban it! He smelled the dead rat and it always look better to ban the member before he bans the forum!

Here comes now the mail I decided to make public today. In this mail, Matt assumed that me and Paul have met some time at some place, and he has stated the same on his newest entries in his blogs. The moron doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I left the PH year August 2005, Paul was about to be deported, I have never lived in Cebu,never been member of any forum in my life then. I was busy feeding children, elderly and mentally retarded in the remote areas of Bohol. I came back in 2007 and in 2009. It all started  when I “discover” Paul for the first time after he linked himself to a friend of his, the most cruel sadistic pornographer the PH ever knew as I was investigating the Rotary International on a band of criminals in Bohol and found out the guy (Chris Bennetts) was part of the scam on a different field. Below is a screen shot of my mailbox partially shown the mail, then I will direct you to the link where you can read it in its entirety. Please note that my answer to the mail is below Matt’s original mail.

Please click here to read the rest of the mail. The link will bring you to a page within this blog, scroll it down to the mail#6

That’s all for today. We’ll see how things goes and act accordingly on the publication of the rest of the mails. Some are frightening. Watch your back folks. Oh just a last thing. Ron Muller “aka” Voyager the pimp, warlord and other some other famous names  of Cebu night life and brothels in the Philippines have joined “the other forum” Did I heard ” A family oriented forum”?

oday I was invited by Paul to comment on a “pedophile’s” arrest that he trumpets all over the forum hoping we will forget his record of the same.The story is about a 57yo  American living in the PH, with a less than perfect criminal record in the US and like many found refuge (where else?) in the PH of course!… Congratulations Paul! For your interest and concern on the welfare of our women in the Philippines….Bravo! Bravo! Bravo again! And thanks also for the invitation! Let’s all together nail down this “bastard” who is accused of raping a 17 years old girl and let her pregnant. What a cruel world ha! Not all sexpats are so thoughtful as you are, have at least a vasectomy (The big one!) before raping some buddy that is. Well, not every one is Paul.. right?  I would gladly accept your invitation but you did not present all the evidence and facts so I can join the illuminatis Headshot and Allan S and others in nailing down “the bastard”. Besides, Commander Guenther did not bring his Rizalien wisdom to the case and his extensive knowledge in criminal Law that goes far beyond the PH frontier as I was expecting, same for Matt Wilkie despite  his membership reinstatement, neither read from Norseman and some others know all, bastions of your evil forum. It seems to me you are “cavalier solus” in your crusade for reasons I stated above. We don’t know anything else about the case, other than what “she said” what “you said” and what Sunstar reported, which is what “she said”! I will be your guest  once the whole thing is unfold, all facts known and  properly analyzed. Now, as I am here, do you mind if I ask you a few things about you? Just for the heck of comparing apples with apples, pedophiles with pedophiles…

Below is a picture taken from your forum. Do you know anything about this girl? Or any other sexpat from your forum? Or any reader? Take a look.

Any one knows this girl? Her age? How did she made it to the photo galery of Living in Cebu forums? No one knows? Ok. One more time.Look at the next one.

Still nothing? No one knows anything? Headshot? You haven’t see this picture before? How about you Guenther Vomberg? And you sexpat Norsemen? Detective Matt Wilkie did you report this to your handler in the PNP? why not?  

Fellow readers, her name is Jinky, the one Paul tortured, humiliated, used her to scam some expats, at the age of 16. You sexpats of the LinC forum, criminals by association to the most cynical psychopath the Philippines ever knew, have seen and read everything below:

Illuminati Guenther Vomberg and Mr Mike “the religious guy” of the group and others gave the answer. Here is what Guenther said, (Post#12) to my great surprise he’s also a Doctor besides being Lawyer and Executive Chef  ”aka” sandwich salads and fries maker. 

Guenther, you knew very well what paul was talking about didn’t you? You have seen those pictures above at Paul’s forum photo gallery  and it doesn’t take an anthropologist to figure out her age does it? You portray your self as a “friend” of the Philippines, you have even been endorsed by the sexpat “headshot” with his fake medals and war stories as been a citizen in good standing, the expat of the year in the news paper Sun Star as the best sandwiches  maker in Balamban, A man with integrity inspired by the principles of Philippines national hero Dr. Jose Rizal, and more and more that can impress sexpats, drunkards and scammers within the LinC  forums,  but not me.   Question: At no point you felt the need  questioning  just for a minute the integrity of your master?  Look what one of your co-forumers with integrity and courage had to say about  Paul on this poor girl.

Terp54 would not name the girl because of her age but if you go to the “other forum” on the link provided youll read more. There is also a hidden forum on the subject.

You had also read the topic mentioned by Terp and others. Your denial won’t persuade any one. An elite and loyal member as you will be a crime and severely punished by the master if  you miss such a post!.  There was much more than that to say about Guenther Vomberg but is not the place today. He will soon has his own spot on the wall of shame as per his request that is already granted. 

So, Paul? What about the invitation? Still stands? 

12th 2012: Un update Go and say hello to your hero. You will also be directed to the forum Matt Wilkie has erected to honor Paul. The one that “now you see it now you don’t” you can now always see. 

Matt Wilkie Philippines National Police informant

In a previous entry I was telling you how Mark Wilkie doesn’t easily take no for an answer when no one is taking his fables for cache money. Including myself. The guy did not give up.  He wanted recognition  from the real and cyber community in the Philippines at any price. Years of active duty  in the Living in Cebu forums did not produce much, his blog Tropocal Penpals being just one more amongst thousands either. He needed something else, something juicy, something for him to stand out of the crowd as a Zorro, even controversial as long as people talk about, which is Paul Petrea’s secret of success: Hit a few women  in Public, publish pictures of minors shaving their pussy, finger Viviyan’s pussy and suck it, make sure there are many witnessed the event, they laughed, they had enough fun so they can spread it all over. Voila! Now you are famous!

But Matt had a problem with that.This could be seen as taking advantage of other peoples’ glory; He wanted his own and made it clear he’ll get it. Once again he felt I was the vehicle for that, the most reliable conveyor to promote and build his good name and reputation in the community that so far no one has noticed. All we have seen was a support to this girly bar they call it also cultural entertainment center .

June 13th 2011 I received this:

Sorry to say it folks, Matt was wasting his time, I wasn’t impressed by his stories and even less, interfering with the PNP investigation, if there was a gram of truth on his story. Naming and shaming comes only when everything else failed.  however, after he complained once that I do not reply to his mails I decided to give him a little credit and consideration, hypocritical on my part, but beneficial to his ego. Then I sent him this: ( My text is below his)

You noticed it? He said thanks for my help! which help? Apparently my reply gave him hope. Indeed, a lot of hope, because encouraged  he will now start bombing me with a whole bunch of crap. A lot of crap! Look at the mails page. And is  about he half, I have trashed some without importance. Looking at the list, you will notice also that hasn’t been any activity between between June 14th 2011 and August 2012. Ouf!! What a relief! Matt finally gave up. Did he? No. It was just a break folks. He came back with “big news! The Thomas Ruhland story! ignored his first mail with a big fat Greek laugh laugh as I knew everything already and didn’t really needed Matt’s Detective skills to be informed. Those interested with the story can find the latest at the same place where Matt found them: Wikipedia. Click here and read.   There is also a thread in a forum that I am a long time  member that has 7 pages, almost 400 posts on the story. Click here, the link will bring you to page 7 for the latest on the story then come have a laugh with me reading Detective’s findings.( Update May 23. This link is now dead, the forum is gone.)

Here is what he said: (The mail contains 8 attachments of young – very young girls, all sexily dressed, no nude or sexually -porn- explicit, With the exception of one that shows two small girls kissing each other, they look to me more of staged photos that any poor family in the  S/E Asia will easily accept a fee for their kids to be photographed telling them “is for an advertisement on the national TV!” However, I will not publish the pictures neither the files directing you to the site. Mat has found those photos on a pedophile Russian site that he included the link AND the password on the 2 icons you see on the end of the screenshot.   

Mail #4 Click on to see the original. Scroll the page to message #4

Excuse me? Did I hear something about useless stories you were sending me? Or was Guenther said that in your forum? I don’t remember but I’ll find out…Would you please tell me how useless the following was? (Excerpt of a mail I will direct you shortly to the original)

 Mail #5 Click on and scroll the page to message #5.  

This will be the last entry concerning the Mythomaniac Matt Wilkie that came to the Philippines for fame glory and financial success and did not accomplish neither. There are plenty more to publish, will depend of his behavior after reading the first installment.

In the next entries you will meet Matt the plotter. With “useless” information like this one below.With this difference: We are talking now opinions and reports, thoughts and assumptions, everything to please Evan. Finally, a common ground, eliminating Paul Petrea and kill his forum. With another difference again: Evan made his attentions public and clear. Matt flip flopping all over, staying underground, checking the weather before making statements, he did not even use his name until I forced him to do so, By mention it in one of my entries  he was posting under 3 different  IDs. But he did open his mind to me. After a long absence which I made sure to be lasting, he reappeared again Jan. 29 2012 with this. (Just the tip of the iceberg)

Commander Guenther Vomberg. Lets have a laugh guys...

Come back folks! There will be a lot of fun! You’ll read about unique morons expats, sexpats and $expats of all backgrounds and denominations.They are all there, straggling to survive with Matt being the poster number 1 followed by Americano the Great… Commander Guenther Vomberg“aka” Anonymous Guy”, another mythoman looking to buy some glory by inventing “facts” and presents them to the local law enforcement officials that no one cares of his stories, because they don’t believe him,they rather question his motivations of staying in the Philippines. He’s the latest of the cyber stars to join, an Illuminati in International Law was recently solicited “to resolve Evan’s problem”, and again, Philipp Rowe “aka” Americano, Matt’s favorite poster and associate in undercover work is very busy trying to find Paul! I will tell you all about this circus foul of clowns and masquerades acrobats.Oh! Mark Hamilton is still there too! Lately they are all hiding in the DK! I will tell you what happened.

May 12th 2012: Un update is posted on “The good Fellas” page as preview to what comes up down the road shortly. Go and say hello to your hero. You will also be directed to the forum Matt has erected to honor Paul. The one that “now you see it now you don’t” you can now always see. 
Matt wilkie the detective
Matt Wilkie Cebus PNP advisor in criminal cases.

Fellow readers, hello again, ready  for a special edition that may require more than one entry to complete, such is the complexity of this subject. Special people need special consideration, Matt is one of those , shouldn’t be neglected or taken lightly.
I had to debate the publishing of this entry with myself  longly and objectively for the appropriate place to introduce you this special person. Sexpats wall of shame? I felt it wasn’t his place there, even though reading the title of this blog is not reserved to sexpats only, yet Matt doesn’t fit the profile of those residents.
Erect another blog to his honor, just for him? Not really. He’s not so important to spend more time than he deserves. Going back and forth on his statements -as you will have the opportunity to read shortly- this is the right place for Matt to be. With Paul to his right, Evan on his left. No, is not a love triangle, is rather a hate /love triangle that Matt built from scratch hoping to capitalize. I’ll tell you what.

Lets get started.

Matt Wilkie was an unknown name to me, never heard of him, no one mentioned him to me until around May 2011 when a friend alerted me about a blogger that just had “honored me” with an entry  about my SWOS (Sexpats wall of shame for short). After reading the entry, I post a polite comment  that he approved, basically asking him who was he referring to “about two innocent people that unjustly were hanged on the wall”. He published the comment, but later disappeared, he explained this happened during a revamp of his blogs lost all the comments previously posted. What ever was, for me this was the end of the story, I had not any animosity towards him, he just expressed an opinion, there was no reason for me to perpetuate the dialog, nothing bothering, nothing personal.End of the story? That’s what I thought but I was wrong.
To my surprise, a few days later I received a long mail from him that any one, even with a minimum IQ will question the motivations and rear thoughts of the content. The mail is long and I need to post the headers also identifying Matt as the sender.I will post sections that I will reply here and the entire mail on another page. Click on Matt wilkie mails to Evan on the menu bar or here for viewing in its entirety. Here is the first section of the unsolicited mail Labeled Mail#1 

Well,a deep subject folks!. He’s like me? Hum!!! No. I am not like him. I don’t avoid Americans. I am an American Citizen myself, by affiliation, (My wife being a Fil/Am when I met her), even I have never used this citizenship, the few years I lived in Los Angeles was a great experience. Most of my friend here are Americans living and working in Europe’s Silicon Valley  of Sophia Antipolis, just 10 minutes drive of where I live. My wall of shame has never target sexpats based on their citizenship but on their actions. So why he associated me to his Anti-Americanism? The next section of his mail triggered more questions on Matt’s motivations to unfold his thoughts to some one he just days ago criticized his writings  ”as something’s definitely are more about character assassination than things some people have actually done”. (In reference to the residents of my wall of shame) Here is the next section:

I was looking for clues what he was talking about, went to his blog saw nothing  damaging “for these guys” nothing about Perry Gambsby he mentioned in the mail.Just general information about Philippines, travel, tourism, culture and the like as we read on hundreds of the same on the internet. All I can think of is Matt was inspired by my blog on Perry Gamsby and start projecting to use it by fueling  the subject hoping readers will go to his blog to get the same information he pirated from the pay and download e-books for free. And he thought he found an ally on this that might say: “Hey guys, don’t buy books from these crooks Perry Gambsby and partner Chris Bennetts puting at risk your credit card online. Go to Matt’s forum and get them for free!”  No, he did not. Evan’s blogs are not for sale to plotters and “ambitious” guys. His blogs -with no exception- have the ad sense  disabled. No money generating. La raison d’être  is  purely  ideological, as activists do to fight the evil before it prevail, by any means as evil is clever,hard to beat. Don’t care about Google ranking and Alexa numbers here. Only who’s reading my blogs, who contribute to my blogs, good people that is.  In closing, he said this:

Wow! Un undercover agent… Impressive! He did not elaborate on the details of his collaboration though. Was he solicited? Hired as a special trainer? On a volunteer basis? Anyway, I did not reply to his mail (To say what?) His writings weren’t in line with my beliefs therefore not a potential link to my crusade.I’d go as far to say I was dealing with a suspected mythoman, worst, this phrase of the mail hinted that some brain damages may have occurred during the incident.

I thought (again) since I did not reply, this might be THE END OF THE STORY. It didn’t happen. It was just the beginning of a long battle Matt was giving to gain my “friendship” leading to help him eliminate those with forums and blogs that, according to him, once done the ranking of his will skyrocket! You’ll read more of the same supporting this assertion reading more mails came in later. Click on Mail#1  to see the original 


As said and repeated, Mat didn’t take No! for an answer and continue writing like nothing happened.
His next mail came in two weeks later, June 3d 2011 in response to a mail I sent regarding the whereabouts of my comment after he revamped his blog. He said this:

That’s not all he said. In fact, the real reason he wrote was a demonstration  of how good of a citizen in good standing he is in the PH working with the authorities to unmask sexpats living in the Philippines searching the FB and report to the PNP. Here is an example. (You’ll read more of the same in the near future in a blog near you)

 The mail can be seen on the same page under Mail #2, edited to remove the guys name, not that I care about him, but for Matt’s safety.

From this point, I realized that I had to change strategy in order to get rid of him, I thought it would be better to reply and did so by asking a few trivial questions here and there, I think he was happy with that to the point that I received 3 more mails the same day. Look below.

What he was saying? Let’s read some of the content of one. I will not publish the original due to heavy editing it requires. However I will forward the original mail to any one who will promptly identify himself. May 23 2012.I have reposted the mail as originally received. I realize that Matt doesn’t care if names appear. He has the foul protection of the PNP anyway!  

My god! Grrrr!!! why he’s telling me all that? Why he doesn’t make a blog and put all these sexpats on? Instead of sending them to me? He has read my blog and saw that every single accusation is backed by something to corroberate it, usually a statement the accused made here and there,a picture, A news paper article, persons that came forward with information,either namely or directing me to the source of their information etc. There was none on Matt’s stories.9 Pictures taken from FB, girls that he said are under age but nothing to prove it.

Then on June 9th 2011 I received another mail telling me this:

Laughable, Laughable, Laughable!… I have never ask, I have never had attention to publish anything Matt was sending me.
Readers, before I conclude the first part of a series of at  least 3 or 4. my point today was that me and Matt despite his persistent overtures to connect with me we have never flocked together. Matt never was trusted by me , even less today, never took seriously his writings. Come back in few days for more, in the mean time watch your back. There isn’t more dangerous expat in the PH (Noticed? No S) than him. I’ll take the time to explain that in the entries  coming up. A last thing: Is there anyone on his forum can ask him this: While Paul Petrea has banned members even on the suspicion that they might say something against him, including Matt’s close partner Mark Hamilton, why he did not ban Matt? Why he just banned him after Matt received a mail from me asking him that? 

In effect, Matt start communicating again with me recently via a proxy and an alias that both, IP and writing style can’t even fool a child, let alone an advanced internet user as I consider myself. I received them under the name Alan Turin and the IP as both appear below.

In one of these mails  he wrote this: Original mail can be seen as Mail#3 

Pretending the innocent internet newbie I replied to “Alan” Knowing in advance that is Matt who will receive it writing this:

And suddenly, Matt is now banned! just as fast as he received this mail? Go figure…. In a world of detectives…. We are lost lol!
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