Tim Potter the "chicken" That's how he presents himself on his blogs.
No guts to show his real face.A scammer specialised in pirated software that don't work.


    Update: April 6h 2012

Tim Potter “Aka” Norsemanscam as is known on the forums tries his all out to scam you once and for all before his departure for the US and this time big! He offers you remote customers service to repair his stolen program that does nothing. To do this, he wants access to your computer, read his statement below:  

I hope folks you are not that dumb to let this guy enter into your data base are you? That’s how the typical thieves are stealing your bank accounts SS numbers and credit cards! Especially coming from a sexpat, close, very close buddy of Paul, a member of Paul’s other forum. Read below:


Tim needs money desperately to leave for the US in need of medications. Reliable sources in formed us that he has aids and transmitted it to his wife and child. If you have compassion for him, better give him a few pesos charity than let him explore your computer. Some body who carefully hides his past? He has deleted half of the thread where he was trying to sell you the bridge. Many posters removed their names from there to avoid investigation of stolen software Tim is selling and is right now under investigation.  The guys that  come on the net with aliases, like Tim Zol Potter stay away. 

Tim Potter. he "defected" (?) Pauls forum to join "the new" Matt Wilkies forum where he has recently received a distinction for his loyal services in the Liveinthephilippinesforum.com. Congratulations Tim..

Behind the smiles and photoshoped image (by him) is hiding a scammer.

Norseman, a loyal moderator at Paul Petrea forum is in great financial distress. An “ex US marine” ( as he often introduced himself to his friends but never talk about that in the forums,)  goes from forum to forum trying selling you smokey TV software for capturing movies,sports and other goodies from the US.

When he “defected” (?) Paul’s forum to join “the new” Matt Wilkie’s forum, many were surprised by the move. No one could believe Tim would ever betray his friend Paul, being so loyal to him for so long. But he did! Not for long. things turned sower for him. He was banned in less than a month and now he’s back again trying to sell his smoke at the livingincebu forms. 

Here is why Tim left Paul’s forum first and came back as a repentant  son welcomed by a forgiving father like Paul Petrea is. Yeah? Leme hav a big f****ng Greek laugh… 

Folks, is that simple:

When the “Lending business” hit the waves all over the world, Tim had lost big. No, he did not invest on the scam, scammers smell the rat, but he was about to launch his own scam on the forum with some vaporware based on magic potions made in the Philippines. Needles to say it wasn’t the right time to pursue the venture….

Then he went to this other forum, played it nice for a while, Evan helped him to be noticed by pissing him off all the time, then suddenly! the rift! look at this below. Don’t believe anything else what you read there. The issue is Tim’s vaporware. The bosses Matt wilkie and Mark Hamilton had a discussion about this in the underground room and apparently Tim was pissed off because he wasn’t invited. The issue here, was whether or not will let Tim sell his vaporware on the forum or not. Then it was NO!

 You do not need  this software! It’s a rip-off! he admitted it ! Right here!

 Are you gonna buy something that the author admit of working only on 55% of computers as tested? No manual? You have to email him for tech support? No refund? Expat, stay away! Don’t feed the crooks ! you had enough on this forum. It’s time to learn your lesson…  The guy is an non-certified auto-mechanic with some computer knowledge as an autodidact. The software he offers is just a cracked code from copyrighted programs that Tim pirated and sell it to you as “his” Make no mistake, the original owner of this program has already made the necessary to make it obsolete, he added it on the list of stolen code that the broadcasters regularly consult and make the necessary changes to keep it out of business. If this is working now on 55% of computers, IF! then soon, it will work on 0 computers… But in any case, Norseman is not the man for the job. Work on cracked code to make it look your own requires more than an auto-mechanic – autodidact computer guy.  

  1. Political Activist says:

    I know several people that this guy has tried to scam money off. He is very desperate to make a few pesos anyway he can. He also owes Daveno from living in Cebu forums about $10,000 US. I was once on the forum and someone posted asking when he intended paying the money back but the post was quickly removed but I seen it before it was. He is also well known as a back stabber, will pretend to be your friend but run you down behind your back. He is also a Paul Petrea butt kisser & one of his biggest fanboy’s. I think I seen him nearly cry in a post once on how much he looks up to Paul and worships everything about him, haha,

    • Richardd says:

      You got that wrong, Davaoeno owes David In Talisay 10, 000…i think it was for a few motorcycles & a GPS

      From Evan

      Lol!!! to find out who owes who and how much in this forum of crooks and criminals you need to hire sharp detectives like Matt Wilkie or “connected” commanders ” a la Guenther”

      • Political Activist says:

        really, well that is interesting,… well as you say they are all crooks and thieves.

        Oh yeah, I’m sorry to here he has aids if it is true, even as much as I don’t like them I wish that on nobody..

  2. W haas. says:

    Hey dickhead how do you know Tim has aids?

  3. casper tipon says:

    Norseman is just another of those mods that sit back and allows Paul to ruiin his victims lives with their blessings. If they had all left his forum when they found out the truth then he might have finally gotten the picture.

    However, I don;t think Paul took Jinky’s virginity before her 18th birthday, not in the normal way anyway.
    Let’s face it, the man is impotent. He’s 350lbs + 5′ 9″. His waist must be at least 50″+ There is no way it can be used for anything sexual. He may have used some objects on her, but Paul has not been able to use it for anything sexual for years

  4. jumpin joe says:

    let’s see. Paul has a comfortable living with just a dozen victims. @$14 per copy how many stupids Norseman needs to find for the price of 2 tickets back to the US,plus other re-establishement expenses? He needs at least $5000. That is about 380 stupids. Humm now days…. You are coming too late Tim! Paul emptied our pockets!

  5. Concerned expat. says:

    “Norseman, on 04 March 2012 – 01:13 AM, said:
    With his permission to quote.

    I was talking with Bob this evening. He kinda summed up why he left and why he is tired of it here. This posse of people for years have been coming after Paul. They are now expanding their reach to other members, myself included. The web people weave tend to trap many of the innocent. I will not link this rubbish however if you want to see PM me”.

    A man in business, needs to be of good moral and character.That’s not the case. You did post the “link” on a story about someone you know nothing, other than what residents of Evan’s wall shame spread around. No one ever brought proof of accusations. All this just to link your worthless blog for a better ranking, hopping to gain a few dollars.

    Look at the date you posted “the link” to protect the “innocent” Paul. You now will have to deal with it. The voyage to your crooked business may be long!
    BTW we haven’t see the vaporware offer on your blog. This could give you more ranking than “the link”

    Good luck.

  6. Joe from GA says:

    “It is just so much fun being a war Hero. People and their pathetic lives. If they want to lie I do not care. Just so much fun to make crap up about what you did. If they are capable of lying about this then what else. The truth will set you free.
    There are people who fraud everything and to include military service”


    Hum..That “ex Marine” I heard it before…